Committed to the Success of our Portfolio Companies.

Our Strategy

Early-, Series A- and Growth-Stage Investment

  • The best time to build a trusted relationship with founders
  • Provides the opportunity to partner with an entrepreneur tackling a problem that counts, within a large and profitable market
  • Allows you to build a strong foundation

Employ a Systems-Thinking / Full Stack Approach

  • Every opportunity is part of a larger system. Understanding the components part of the system reduces blind spots to profitability, and scale
  • We prefer platforms. Given the unbuilt condition of many sub Saharan Africa countries, it’s the structure/ strategy best suited to scale.

Presence of a MOAT

  • Business models that create or fixes markets and value chains.
  • Businesses that meet a critical and fundamental need of society.
  • Control of distribution and/or supply chain.
  • Installed base of equipment/software.

An Indispensable Service Delivery Infrastructure

  • Investment team provides the analytical rigor to ensure we pay the right price and ensure portfolio construction is optimal.
  • Enterprise Formation and Value Creation team provides early crucial support to our companies. Ultimately, we build trust with our entrepreneurs to enable open communications so we can provide timely interventions as needed.
  • Informatics team helps procure hyper-local primary information and data across all our target industries where data is unavailable through on the ground research, surveys, focus groups etc.

Investment Themes

According to Gall’s Law, “A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked.” If the larger system is not doing well, it limits the potential of the subsystem. “We believe, to achieve optimum success, investors in Sub-Saharan Africa should allocate capital in line with the component of national prosperity as outlined below;”

Food and Distribution Systems

High rate of urbanization means food distributions systems would have to be rebuilt and re-imagined in many Sub Saharan African cities.

Access to Finance and Wealth Creation

Access to affordable working capital remains an impediment to the survival of small and medium-sized businesses in Sub Saharan Africa.

Access to Essential Services

Power, Healthcare and Education

Power, healthcare and education are critical social capital and fundamental blocks necessary to create prosperity in Sub Saharan Africa.

Culture and Media

A fast growing sector that is significantly under-funded. Africa is the origin of many musical genre, and other creative endeavors. The creative industry will be a significant contributor to exports receipts in Africa.

Real Estate/ Retail at Scale

All economic activity starts with real estate. Sub Saharan Africa needs to be built and rebuilt. The almost total lack of built environment is severely limiting the development of commerce and retail. Real Estate represents an almost unlimited opportunity that supports the real economy – food, retail, basic trading and agriculture.

Financial Markets Infrastructure

Development of capital markets and critical domestics markets infrastructure is critical to financing priority sectors and development in Sub Saharan Africa.

Linkages/Logistics and Mobility

By removing linkage frictions, an improved trade velocity across borders in Africa would unlock significant growth in GDP over the next decade. Mobility: High rate of urbanization and need to protect the environment will continue to shape the future of mobility for decades to come.

Technology Infrastructure Services

Driven by the explosion of broadband demand, data usage, and internet penetration.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We are committed to investing in businesses that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Consonance Incorporates quantitative techniques of analyzing financial risk and return with qualitative analyses of ESG policies, performance, and impacts. We take this into account in our due diligence stage to help us access impacts, risks and opportunity of a potential investments. Consonance will track, standardize, and implement this ESG standard in its portfolio company operations. The objective of adopting this practice is to ;

Minimize pollution, emissions, solid waste, excessive use of natural resources, environmental degradation wherever we or our portfolio companies operate

Oversight, analysis and management of material risks and opportunities in the portfolio

Establish sustainability standards, procedures and indices across our portfolio companies

Achieve positive economic value for our employees, shareholders, investors, clients and society in Sub Saharan Africa



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