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Destiny Trust


Destiny Trust


At the Destiny Trust, we educate, empower and care for homeless children and other classes of young people in disadvantaged circumstances. We are committed to one cause: enabling every child to be the best he or she can be regardless of where he or she was born. We give children at-risk a new start, nurture them and hold their hands into the future through our integrated initiatives which focus mainly on using education to create tangible empowerment and lifting children from extreme poverty and conditions that hold them back. Our desire is to see them thrive, pursue lifelong happiness and purpose. ...

Our initiatives are designed to enable us to come through for the children in areas where they need us most. While actively pursuing the goal of educating and empowering children, we run an extensive care programme which guarantees shelter, food, protection and all basic needs to categories of children who need a safe and stable home environment to benefit from the transformative potential of our work. We collaborate and promote efforts and solutions that break down barriers on children’s way to fulfilment. We do not have all the answers. Sometimes children teach us how. By being attentive to them, we learn new ideas and innovative approaches that help us to deliver solutions that are both relevant and sustainable.

We believe children hold endless possibilities to recreate a better future for our society. Indeed, the future of our society can only be as great as what we make of the children today. Therefore, we are big on their wellbeing, education and empowerment. With this, we are breaking the reach of transgenerational poverty, rescuing children that would be left behind and building them into valuable human capital that Africa would need to thrive in the future and ensuring a safer community. Together, we can touch more lives; we can be the hope of that one child that could become a menace to the society without a timely intervention to provide care, education and empowerment.

To Support contact the organization: info@destinytrust.org



The Nigerian Higher Education Foundation is an organization with sole commitment to enhancing the capacity of Higher Education institutions in Nigeria and raising awareness about the role of higher education and Nigerian universities in social, economic and political development. The NHEF is working toward a future in which Nigerian higher education is one of the best in the world - one where Nigerian institutions develop global scholars and leaders of the 21st century that can make a lasting impact in Nigeria and throughout Africa. the NHEF seeks to: ...

Assist Nigerian Universities to become self-sustaining by creating a culture of philanthropy within the partner university alumni community and friends of Nigeria living in the Diaspora.

Facilitate fundraising training opportunities and play a leadership role in the development of policies and practices that enhance the fundraising and alumni enrichment capacities of our partner universities.

Identify and develop linkages and strategic partnerships between Nigerian and foreign universities, Foundations, Corporations, government entities and qualified individuals.

Develop and manage two-way exchange programs for students, professionals and faculty between US and Nigeria.

To Support contact the organization: info@theNHEF.org



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