We are a focused early-stage and growth investing platform that helps entrepreneurs build leading companies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our mission is to advance Africa’s well-being by supporting teams who have embraced the challenge of building large and profitable enterprises that will stand the test of time.

Boldly Different.

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Our Story

Consonance Investment Managers (“Consonance”) was founded in 2017 to answer a key question, “How can we leverage Africa’s human capital into economic success?” Consonance represents our desire to find and support smart, motivated entrepreneurs and provide them with the needed funding to build enterprises that would become the foundation of the continent’s economic prosperity. For us, this mission is critical to secure Africa’s future as more enterprises are needed to capture its growth opportunities.
Our investment philosophy and the business characteristics we seek align with three key concepts that are essential ingredients in fostering private sector development in Africa: Collaboration, Trust and Innovation. Collaboration is essential to building any enterprise of value: it’s about the people, their business practices, intellectual capital, and relationships.

Trust, on the other hand, is the glue. It is what ultimately attracts, and sustains human and financial capital. Innovation is the commitment to optimism, continuous improvement and an excellent customer experience. Many of the companies we plan to support are in essence, “Collaboration, Trust and Innovation infrastructures”. As we navigate the future, we will work hard to earn the trust and respect of entrepreneurs and be their first port of call when seeking a long-term build partner and patient capital. We invite all stakeholders committed to shaping Africa’s future to join us in our mission: To advance Africa’s well-being by supporting teams who have embraced the challenge of building large and profitable enterprises that will stand the test of time.



Quality Team
and Teamwork

The foundation of Consonance. We believe in quality teams. We look for impressive people who have a deep passion for investing, entrepreneurship and Africa. People who are disciplined about execution and can roll up their sleeves to get the job done.


Consonance is a long-term investor. We believe in strong foundations. Building a strong foundation takes time, care and discipline. We support our portfolio companies throughout the hills and valleys that exists on the road to scale and profitability.


We bypass superficial definitions to seek the essence. We invest in companies with attractive unit economics that can compound capital over a long period of time, and are run by impressive individuals we trust. We can invest from seed stage to growth stage.

Value Investors

We apply the ethics of value investing to our work. Price discipline is fundamental. Value comes from our ability to help our portfolio companies navigate and surmount strategic, and operational challenges..

Client Service

We believe it’s a privilege to deploy capital on behalf of institutional clients such as fund of funds, university endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, pensions and family offices. We strive daily to show our appreciation by ensuring we are attentive to our clients’ needs.



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